Hi guys, my N15 has a spot for a globe on the left side of the rear hatch which I would assume is turned on when the rear hatch is opened. My issue is that the connector was cut off and then wired into the alarm system. I got a new connector from the wreckers but the issue is that I'm not getting any voltage between the two wires. One (red wire with a black stripe) has 12v going through it when compared with the ground of the chassis but the plain red wire has no continuity with ground or a 12V source. I've tried testing the red wire with the black stripe and it is constant 12V no matter if the boot is open or closed.

I also can't find the switch that would tell if the boot is open or closed, where is it located?

I'm also not getting any power to the glove box light either so I think the issue is related?

My normal cabin interior light works fine so I've got no idea what the problem is