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A pic of the last covid build - turbocharged 16LF - stock fuel pump, stock injector, regulator pressure increased. Stock ECU with NVRAM and OSE12P firmware. Custom manifold bolts up to the stock exhaust system, can be removed and factory manifold installed in about 30min.

Turbo - It's a GT1544v - a VNT turbo designed for a 1.6L diesel. I've never seen a VNT used on a petrol car, most people say it can't be done or shouldn't be done yet there are no reported installs and failures. I think I've got the first VNT in a pulsar?

The turbo being a VNT can change its exhaust AR on demand. This means I can make full boost (9psi) from around 1500rpm to redline and set the nozzle fully open to effectively remove any backpressure or restriction when cruising.

No intercooler - the 16LF is throttle body injected providing most of the charge cooling. I've tapped and threaded in an IAT sensor right at cylinder 4's intake port. IAT's under boost are about 15-20deg hotter than ambient under long pulls at the port.

HP? Not sure. I've just about finished building a hub dyno to tune this thing properly. Will report back when the dyno is done and I have the numbers. If you've ever driven the 1.6 auto pulsar you'll know its not a very quick car. At least now it pushes you into your seat when you put your foot down :-) Plus all the cool noises.

I'm half way through the next build - the turbo 18LE. I'll be using a 2.7L diesel VNT turbo for this one, a higher flowing exhaust manifold. Should see some pretty nice numbers out of this one. It's coupled to a 5speed LSD box.

Happy to answer any questions, show more pics etc.