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1) Posting Illegal Activity - Not tolerable, we have had quite a few threads about illegal activities on the road (ie. maccas trays, street racing), this will not be tolerated. By soliciting this through the off topic forum, you are putting the group at risk of legal action or harassment by the authorities. If you are found to be posting these kinds of threads you will be warned and most likely suspended if you continue.

2) Calling People Out/ Harassment - Its great fun to have a light hearted dig at someone, but if it becomes a fight, the thread will be deleted and the offender warned, you have PM for that sorta stuff. Racial abuse will also not be tolerated.

3) Pyramid Selling/Spamming - We do not allow advertising in any form, this includes pyramid selling.

4) Jokes - Please post in the Jokes Thread provided. Remember we have a PG rating, and no picking on minorities. Remember it isn't just members who read the forums!

5) Useless Posts - We have a limited amount of webspace "boredom" and pointless spam, Terrorists, Microsoft gripes etc etc will just be locked or deleted. 'Off Topic' does not mean 'Utter crap'.

If you have any questions regarding these rules, or think that your thread has been deleted/removed unfairly or find a thread to be in bad taste than PM the forum moderator or any of the admin team.