The NISSAN Pulsar N14 GTi-R

Nissan, in the early 90ís, decided to assault the World Rally Championship. So they made a great new engine and a new Pulsar. With four wheel independent suspension. i.e struts on each wheel. Four years later with the N15 Pulsar they dropped the rear suspension to torsion bar, to save bucks. Not as good. The Red Jett has the same suspension, and engine. NISSANís gorgeous SR20 four cylinder, that was designed to be turbo charged, which the Red Jett is not.

The GTi-R was sold in Japan and the UK. Very few imports into Australia and none for sale at present. Four wheel drive.

The GTi-Rís intercooler was wrongly placed which caused engine overheating and after three years NISSAN retired from the WRC.
Sounds beautiful, like the Red Jett does. (Red Jett has a Lukey free flow muffler, hot dog concentrator for enhanced flow, and no CAT).