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Thread: Gearbox horror story . . .

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    Gearbox horror story . . .

    More on the French Tart.


    In 2015, I foolishly went to a private Pug/Citroen mechanic to replace the clutch on the French Tart (207cc Sport THP150).

    They drained the gearbox fluid in order to get at the bell housing, etc.

    They did a crap job, with the clutch shuddering after the work was done, so I took it back and they did it right.

    Yesterday, (Jan '19), I decided to change the gearbox oil as I have done prior before the clutch replacement.

    Used this stuff – recommended:

    When I removed the drain plug, SHOCK, HORROR, about 100 mill of fluid came out!
    It has never leaked since the clutch change, so the fools forgot to replace the fluid at clutch change time. That means the French Tart has done 50,000 kilometres with no fluid in the gearbox.

    There was no metal filings or stuff on the drain plug thank goodness and as the car did only short runs during this period, the gears seem to be OK. Tough little Pug MA5 box. So, I refilled with two litres of fluid and took her for a spin. Yes, noise (a slight rumbling) from the front left had disappeared and the car pulls better in all gears and of course the gear change is much smoother.

    I think I got away with it. I hate anyone working on my cars, but in this case, I had no choice.
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