• VE to DE Ignition Wiring

    Use the picture of the VE dizzy plug as reference.
    Attachment 792

    1 - Ground
    2 - Power - ECCS Relay
    3 - Cam position sensor #3
    4 - Cam position sensor #4
    5 - Distributor resistor/ IGN Check
    6 - IGN Switch
    7 - Ground
    8 - Distributor Power/ IGN Signal

    When you wire in to the B13 you will be eliminating;
    Resistor and condenser
    Power transistor
    Crank angle sensor (inside DE distributor)

    The view of the plugs is from the terminal side and not the wire side of the plug. The numbers I state below are for the female plug, aside from the VE, which are all part of your engine harness. The VE plug for the distributor is male, and I have those pins numbered from the wire side. Use the picture above for reference.

    Use this pic from the B13 FSM for reference.
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    For the crank angle sensor in the distributor (the 4-wire plug that goes to the dizzy) the wires will go to;
    DE - VE
    1 - 2
    2 - 4
    3 - 3
    4 - 1
    Use this pic for the DE crank angle sensor plug.
    Attachment 790

    For the coil, resistor/condenser, and power transistor, you will be eliminating these three and combining wires/ eliminating wires to simplify and wire to the remaining 4 wires of the VE plug.

    They will be as follows;
    Eliminate the G/Y wire highlighted in red
    DE - VE
    B/R - 6
    B - 7
    Y/R - 5
    W - 8
    Use this pic.
    Attachment 789

    From what Iíve read, there are 2 plugs for the VE, both configured the same, but a few of the wire colors vary. The wire colors that I am using in this write up are for the 1994 Nissan Sentra SE-R, but the plug arrangements are the same for the B13ís. If while trying to do this in your B13 you notice an inconsistency in a wire color, refer to the pics above to verify itís position in the plug and where it needs to go.

    Use this link for the B14. It was written back in 2002, but is what I used for my B14 and it works perfect. I do not take credit for the information in this thread, but I will 100% vouch for the information as being accurate and correct.
    DE to VE distributor wiring - SR20 Forum