• Turbo Oil Water Fittings

    Oil inlet thread size on the Nissan garrett T28 turbo's is 7/16-24
    Oil drain, buy an o-ringed flange/fitting to suit. I've used a braided drain hose -10. Others opt for rubber.

    As for water, M14x1.5 fittings x2

    Tee your oil from the oil pressure sender on the back of the block (plug with 1 wire). Thread size is 1/8 bspt.

    Oil drain, drill and tap the upper sump pan is the best spot, but many have just welded a fitting to the lower steel sump pan (but above the oil level when full).

    Just tee off the heater hoses for the water lines. It doesn't matter which way around the hoses are on the turbo, just as long as you hook both sides up.

    Turbo studs: M8x1.25 x 9
    Tri-loc nuts: M8 x 1.25 x 10
    Tri-loc manifold nuts: M10 x 1.25 x 10
    Manifold studs: M10 x 1.25 x 57mm x 8

    2x 3/8 barbed Tee pieces
    2m -6AN braided hose
    1x 1/8bspt Tee piece (2x male + 1x female)
    2m -4 Braided hose
    2x -4AN hose ends
    1x T28- 4AN oil feed adapter
    1x -10AN oil drain adapter for T28
    2x -10AN 90 fittings
    1x -10 oil drain fitting