• Stereo Wiring Guides

    N14 Aus Spec
    For the N14 oz spec cars with the ORIGINAL eurovox cassette radio - the plug that is used is a EB FALCON HARNESS!! I got bored one day and plugged a EB radio in- it worked perfectly. ( I had a hunch it was the same plug so I checked.)

    1999 N15 Pulsar SSS stereo wiring

    Dark Green - Front Left Speaker (+)
    Dark Green w/ Black - Front Left Speaker (-)
    White- Front Right Speaker (+)
    White w/ Black - Front Right Speaker (-)
    Blue- Rear Left Speaker (+)
    Blue w/ Black - Rear Left Speaker (-)
    Yellow- Rear Right Speaker (+)
    Yellow w/ Black - Rear Right Speaker (-)
    Black - Ground
    Pink - +12V Battery
    Red - Acc (i.e. ignition switch)
    Orange - dimmer function if available on head unit
    Grey - 12v when headlights on


    N16 Wiring Diagram

    Colour codes =

    B = Black
    W = White
    R = Red
    G = Green
    L = Blue
    Y = Yellow
    LG = Light Green
    BR = Brown
    OR = Orange
    P = Pink
    PU = Purple
    GY = Gray
    SB = Sky Blue
    CH = Dark Brown
    DG = Dark Green