• Essential Gearbox + LSD Information

    Standard N14/N15 Pulsar non-LSD SSS Gear Ratios: (RS5F32A)
    1st 3.063
    2nd 1.826
    3rd 1.286
    4th 0.975
    5th 0.7560
    Final 4.176:1

    GA is the same, except 0.810 for 5th gear.

    N14/15 Gti Pulsar VLSD Gear Ratios: (RS5F32V)
    1st 3.333 - OLD = 3.285
    2nd 1.955 - OLD = 1.850
    3rd 1.286 - OLD = 1.272
    4th 0.926 - OLD = 0.954
    5th 0.733 - OLD = 0.740
    Final 3.888 - OLD = 4.125:1

    PAR straight cut gearset:
    1st 3.1
    2nd 1.93
    3rd 1.28
    4th 0.956
    5th 0.810
    Final 4.167:1

    Some Rally Pulsar VZ-R ratio's i found on the net:
    (these are most likely SR16VE ratios from the VZ-R and N1)
    1st 3.2
    2nd 2.048
    3rd 1.5
    4th 1.152
    5th 0.872
    Final 4.437:1

    and another:
    1st 3.333
    2nd 1.955
    3rd 1.333
    4th 0.975
    5th 0.756
    Final 4.437:1

    As you can see, the VLSD gearbox has a smaller 1st gear than the standard gearbox. The PAR gearset ratio is also small, but not as small as the VLSD box.

    The VLSD box also has a smaller 2nd gear than the standard gearbox, the PAR gearset also has a smaller 2nd gear, than standard.

    Although the VLSD has a small 1st and 2nd gear (for good 0-100 speeds) and a low ratio 4th gear for higher mph, on a drag strip the mph is still going to be lower than with the standard aus gearbox due to the short VLSD 1st and 2nd gears.

    I find myself not even at the finish line and out of rev's in 4th gear with the VLSD box, i went through the first few gears really fast, out accelerating an Sti WRX on several runs at half track. The Sti started to gain closer to the end of the track.

    Basically the VLSD box makes an excellent box for low speed racing events, like autocrossing, hill climbs, etc. But perhaps not the best for drag racing (depending how you look at it). It has great accelleration characteristics however.

    The ratios listed for the PAR gearset are tailored for use on turbo'd motor's to make more use of the turbochargers power. Especially in the lower gears.

    In conclusion I've come up with this:

    Super Ultimate bling-bling gearbox? Quaife Sequential 6-speed dog racing gearbox ($20,000 USD + $6,000 USD for shifting assembly)

    Ultimate gearbox? PAR Straight Cut, with Nismo 1.5way or Quaife LSD. ($6000 to $8000)

    2nd Ultimate gearbox? Aussie stock gearbox with Nismo LSD ($1400 to $1800)

    3rd Ultimate gearbox? VLSD gearbox but with Aussie gearset in it (for it's 1st and 2nd ratios) ($1000 - $1200 + your aussie gearset)
    (depends on if you wanna get to 100kph fast)

    4th Ultimate gearbox? VLSD gearbox. ($1000 - $1200)

    5th Ultimate gearbox? there isnt one. ($doh)

    If you buy the VLSD gearbox. You must also get the passenger side driveshaft with the gearbox. It is shorter and has different half-shaft splines on the box side.

    This setup should be fine with a regular stock ride height and regular alignment settings.

    HOWEVER. if your car is lowered, and you have non standard alignment settings (for better handling, etc)... The driveshaft that comes with the gearbox is TOO LONG... It will grind your CV's and smash them to bits over time. Dip's causing the car to bounce a little will cause shaft grindage, as will turning (usually to the right) under power. It's a very very unpleasant sound/feeling.

    You MUST get the passenger side driveshaft modified professionally to fit the car properly.