• N14 Aus Spec Vs Jap Spec Comparison

    Australian Spec Japanese Spec

    Brake Light - The center rear brake light is located in the top of the rear window in the Australian spec Pulsar. In the Japanese spec it is a row of LEDs in the center of the rear spoiler.
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    Fog lights - The Australian Spec one has 1 pair (ie 2) foglights. The Japanese Spec Pulsar has 2 pairs (ie 4) fog lights. When the foggies are switched on the outer pair come light up with the parking lights or headlights and the inner pair switch on too if the high beams are on.
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    Seats - The seats out of the Japanese spec are the same sports seats out of the turbo Pulsar GTiR. The Australian spec seats are a different design.
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    Interior trim - The fabric used for the interior trim for the Japanese spec matches the GTiR seat trim. The Australian spec closesly matches the trim used on Australian spec seats.
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    Wheels - The white Australian spec SSS came with white wheels. The Japanese had the silver ones that were fitted to all other colours. The Japanese spec has a circular groove that runs around the Nissan logo in the centre cap, whereas on the Australian spec it is flat.
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    Side skirts - The Australian spec had no side skirts. The Japanese spec had black ones.
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    Front skirt and Bumper - Both came with a front bumper extension but only the Australian spec was colour coded (see the black trim section). The Japanese one is a bit more aggressive (a bit deeper and sticks out more). The mouth on the Australian spec bumper is smaller and the slats in it are colour coded. The Japanese spec has a larger mouth and all of the slats inside are black.
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    Black trim - Both have a black section that runs just under headlight level around the car. The Japanese spec had many extra black trim bits not on the Australian SSS such as the side skirts and wheel arch trim. The front lip and lower section of the rear bumper (just above the muffler) were also black. (Note that these non-colour coded parts are always black on the Japanese spec, however on the Australian spec some paint colours had black trim bits, while others had a dark grey).
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    Grill - The Japanese Spec Pulsar had a slatted grill, the Australian a honeycomb type grill. The slatted parts of the grill are black on the Japanese spec, the honeycomb parts of the Australian spec are colour coded.
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    Steering wheel - The Japanese spec pulsar came with a leather wrapped steering wheel. The Australian one was near identical except no leather and the Nissan logo in the center was white.
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    Gear knob and Surround - Only the Japanese spec came with a leather gear knob. The Japanese spec has a leather gaiter surrounding the gear stick, whereas the Australian spec has a plastic ribbed one.
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    Security and central locking - The Australian spec came with a full security system with remote (remote also integrated with central locking). The Japanese spec also came with central locking but no security and no remote.
    No picture necessary. No picture necessary.

    Extras - Power windows were standard only in the Japanese model (they were an option in the Australian spec). Factory sunroof only option in Japanese spec model. ABS and air-con optional for both.
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    Dash - The dashboards were identical in features but looked slightly different. The dials were slightly different and the petrol and temp guages on the sides were at different angles (Aus spec needles moved from left to right, Jap from top to bottom).
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    Badging - The badging on the rear was different between the different models. (On different sides and slightly different font).
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    Rumors, opinions and unproven facts:

    Seating - many (Jap spec owners) say the Japanese spec seats are more sporty and have better trim that the Aus spec, though some Aus spec owners will disagree with this.
    Paintwork - Some have mentioned they believe the paint quality/finish on the Jap spec is better. Whether this is true or it is simply because they are newer is not known for sure.
    Wheels - some believe that the Japanese wheels have a higher quality finish to them.
    Suspension - The Japanese spec has GAB suspension stock