• N13 (1986 - 1990)

    Nissan SVD Vector SSS
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    The viscous coupled Vector shows the performance boys at Nissan were beginning to get their sums right.

    First toy to emerge from the product planning playpen is the Pulsar Viscous LSD Vector. The SVD boys hasten to add they weren’t responsible for choosing the unfortunate nomenclature. The Viscous Vector was a limited edition of 200 cars that very much reflect the Special Vehicles Division philosophy (but research tells us that about 27 of 200 came in all white).

    Nissan SVD figured that they should try for a bit more squirt from the SVD 1.8 Lt Four (Sourced from GM). The result is the Vector SVD SSS. On paper it reads pretty nicely – six percent more power, eight percent more torque, stainless steel extractors, big bore exhaust, Bilstein developed suspension (These were 40mm bilstein insert struts front and rear), 14 inch alloys and fat Goodyear Eagles. Throw in the obvious benefits of the viscous coupler and you have an interesting package that should translate pretty well to behaviour on the road. Scuderia Motorsports in Vic were the distributors for the extra bits and pieces.

    Nissan unveiled its project at Adelaide International Raceway. Now racetracks are OK, but they never really tell how a car relates to real world conditions. Having said that the Viscous Vector made an impressive entrance. Note though "Only 27 of these special nissans were made. Built exclusively to compete in the 1987 Adelade F1 grand prix celebrity race."

    "The first 27 did not come equipped with an L.S.D but did not torque steer as did the standard '87 pulsars."

    "Because the SVD pulsars were pulled straight from the track, they came equpped with 5-point padded roll cage, 4-point racing harness, fire extingisher, side exit racing exhaust, a blue triangle battery sticker on the bonnet and even bonnet pins."

    "Between the wheel arches under the bonnet is the very willing and able 1.8lt, SOHC, MPFI, Holden engine most commonly used in the Camira. But before these cars were sent to the Adelade circuit, they were all exclusively modified by the people at Nissans Special Vehicles Devision in Melbourne. Most of the engines internals were the same as the SSS, but with an enhanced exhaust system, the racing SVD gains 5kW of power to give 84kW at 5200rpm and 162Nm or torque at 3600rpm."

    "SVD also saw to it a quality set of interference 4-2-1 stainless extractors were fitted. Behind the extractors is a 2-inch exhaust system blowing hot gas out the back."

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    The final 173 models, found that equally noticeable was a marked improvement in harshness levels, particularly the characteristic firewall buzz that comes as standard on the Pulsar, also fitting the extractors tidied up an inbuilt resonance problem. They were only available in Two Tone Black over Silver with SVD decals.

    Whilst the Viscous LSD model did carry a Nissan SVD sticker on the rear, it was not actually an "Official SVD Built" vehicle as such (ie, they were 100% built on the Nissan Assembly line, rather than being shipped "across the road" to The Special Vehicles Division)

    Only the Skyline R31 GTS1 (White with white wheels) and R31 GTS2 (Red with white wheels) were assembled in the SVD workshop.

    N13 Brochure

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