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24-11-2018, 10:24 PM
I have been thinking about getting some hurricanes in place of my crappy 4-2-1 header on my n14 currently, as they constantly leak at the 4-2 join and i have no idea what company made them(Chinese probably). I have noticed that hurricane have made a 4-1 design header which i have read that they should increase top end which in my case, would be a benefit because i will be installing cams in the near future. The 4-2-1 design brings more mid to top and maybe more low but would like to know someone's experience with the headers preferably the 4-1 header and would they be worth the extra $200. If you can include specs and dyno sheets that'd be awesome. Cheers.

25-11-2018, 11:25 AM
I have had the Hurricane headers for 18 years on the Red Jett.

I can recommend them. Wrap them in 'header wrap' as I have done, see pic.


A bit on header wrap:




01-12-2018, 12:41 AM
probably not enough change with a cammed de to warrant 4-1's. worth doing with the higher redline of a ve though. fuji's are a good option if the coin permits on a de.