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08-10-2018, 08:23 AM
Hey, I've read a post on here about upgrading the ignition system on the sr20de by using a crane lx-91 coil with new leads ( thinking of TopGun leads ). Im currently running NGK BKR6E spark plugs gapped to 1.1mm which isn't bad but because I'm upgrading the ignition with more spark power I am thinking of gapping to 1.2mm which you cannot do on non 11 plugs so here are my choices. BKR5E-11, BKR6E-11 and BKR7E-11. I would like your thoughts on which plug will be best with a 1.2mm gap to avoid pinging. I know its a bit more of a test and trial sort of thing but maybe someone has done it. Cheers.

08-10-2018, 09:56 PM
unless you got some serious mods (like 12-1+ pistons), your current plug is fine.

10-10-2018, 02:34 PM
Those sparks will do fine. Make sure you replace the dizzy cap and rotor every 20,000 klicks.

However, I have only ever used these: NGK Iridium IX plugs. Part # BKR5EIX-11, with the Crane/Top Gun combo.

Make sure you start with a new dizzy cap and rotor.

Like these:


and a Crane/TopGun combo, and I guarantee, you will notice a positive improvement in performance.

Cheers . . .

11-10-2018, 02:49 PM
Re my choice of plugs, I recall a discussion with Cozzm0, on why I used '5' instead of '6'.

Went looking for it. Couldn't find. If think it was about my SR20 being a high-port.