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29-04-2018, 08:02 PM
Hey Guys.

I have a 91 N14 SSS Pulsar made in Nov 91 with an sr20de. My question is, I'm not sure if I should engine swap the car with the same engine because the original engine has low compression, around 125 across the board but I'm pretty sure it's valve seats as the engine doesn't smoke whatsoever. The car itself isn't the best, It has a full exhaust and air filter and think that it's running lean which is bad also I think the gearbox mount is done cause the car knocks and shakes when you back of the throttle hard say in first gear. I have a 92 Q pulsar which has the same engine and has 180 across the board so it's pretty solid. I'd be happy to do the swap because it'd be cheaper and easier but my main concern is I don't know if I should because the car could be part of the first production models made and could be worth more in the future because it's almost 30 years old. Would changing the engine number dramatically affect value or should I keep the same block but swap heads or just rebuild it(I don't what to spend a lot of money)? I also plan on building the head and getting a Nistune for it(Tomei Poncams and possible upgraded springs not sure if it's benefical) for some extra power for way too much money but oh well. Cheers Corey

Leroy Peterson
03-05-2018, 07:35 AM
Does the '92 pulsar Q have a SR20DE in it?

Tbh I wouldn't worry about resale... Gonna take a looooong time for these to be valuable when there is so many around, and a few less common models around. N14 would be a very niche market since there's no international market or valuation.

03-05-2018, 07:40 AM
unless its the best conditioned pulsar in australia, and you want it as a museum piece, swap the motor.