View Full Version : Rydalmere Meet - 11am, Sunday 22/10/17

14-10-2017, 03:17 PM
A couple of OG Pulsar blokes are catching up to swap parts/stories about the good ol' days when the struggle of modifying a N15 was real.

Location - Soanar / Jaycar Rydalmere carpark - off Victoria Road - See att. photo.

Reason for this spot - central location for the OG's, shade, Mc'deez next door.

Soanar is not open on the weekend, so using their allocated parking spots should not be a problem.. then again if Jaycar's parking is in the shade I might buy an LED or something to warrant parking in their space. I don't think we are expecting too many people to impact their parking anyhow.

If you have anything for sale or to swap post below and trades can take place.

Burnouts and hooning will most likely be frowned upon by the general public.


14-10-2017, 03:23 PM
2- Slat grill, in KH3 Black - would be sick and mad on any N15 - I want a pineapple, but anyone awesome enough to come to this meet can have it for $40 cash.

P12 Headers - $50 - they are too cheap already? - Someone buy them and re-sell for a profit.


16-10-2017, 04:59 PM
Look forward to catch up folks! Very easy location for me, being a local to the area.

I have a pair of VZR electric folding mirrors, 80 for peeps attending.
(Have blue mirror skin available too.)
Vzr vizors ( no saggy material) signed by marty and moog, which you could clean off if you felt so inclined. $50 at this meet.
If anyone wants oil filter relocation blocks, theyre free. Verified they fit our sr20.

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