View Full Version : Head unit grounding issue, solved by amp install?

13-10-2017, 01:04 PM
Hey all,

My car came with an aftermarket head unit which i don't think was installed properly; very minor static hiss when the volume is on 0 and intermittent wining noise can be heard as well.

I'm assuming this is a grounding issue, however i'm planning on installing a 4 channel amp and running the speakers directly off that.

Would this indirectly solve the hissing sound im having? since the only thing being passed through would be the audio signal to the amp via RCA cables.

Obviously its more ideal that i fix the grounding issue first but if a new amp solves it anyway i may as well save myself potential hunting around if its something more complicated than just a poorly chosen ground spot.

I was watching a video somewhere on headunit installs and it mentioned that a lot of nissans have issues with grounding because people use the metal chassis that houses the head unit as a ground, which is no good since the chassis is not directly connected to the frame of the car, is this true?