View Full Version : EGR Delete Bung/Plug for Exhaust Manifold

03-10-2017, 04:23 PM
Thought this might be of interest to those with EGR deletes... Finding an M24x1.5 bung for the hole in the exhaust mani has been an absolute prick, tried Nissan, nope, order in and $30 or something. Amayama slightly cheaper but needed ASAP, 2-3 weeks to get here. Called a bunch of bolt shops, 5 in total, no dice. So I begin googling sump plugs and any plug that is M24x1.5 only to find that MOST manual BMWs use this size as a the drain plug on a 5spd.

Picked one up at a wrecker for $1, fits perfectly. List of BMW models in link...


It has a 17mm hex and is easy to get on and off, especially compared to the tiny thickness hex most aftermarket systems use...