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27-09-2017, 03:33 PM

What are simple exhaust mods for an N14 SSS. I just want a bit more sound and performance if possible.
Its for the track. I know headers is best option but I have to keep it stock.
What can I remove without losing performance? Cat? Rear muffler? Thanks.

Leroy Peterson
27-09-2017, 05:12 PM
You have to keep the whole car stock or just the headers??

28-09-2017, 08:23 AM
Hi Leroy,

Headers have to remain stock and the rest is just a cost thing. Its for the Lemons race at Wakefield in October. I really can't spend anymore money on performance upgrades so just seeing what I can do at home in the garage. I think I will definitely knock the guts out of the CAT, just not sure what else to do without losing performance? Cat, resonator? Thanks.

Leroy Peterson
29-09-2017, 05:08 PM
I'm not familiar with the lemons rules... It all sounds so grey. People having spare parts worth hundreds of dollars to put on their cars and getting claimed cheaters. You could easily make straight pipes to replace the cat and muffler. Or you could turn it into a side exhaust? 2-2.25" crappy mild steel would do

03-10-2017, 11:06 AM
Lemons rules are very grey! It's a tad frustrating but the whole point of the weekend is to raise money and have fun so even if you follow everything to a tee, they are likely to find something to fine you for anyway so they raise more money for the charity. My take on it is that they just don't want modified cars down there ruining the spirit of the event.
So if I run straight pipes, I take it that the motor doesn't need any of it for scavenging?
I just know that on my first Torana the muffler fell off and I lost a huge amount of power without it. Have been very hesitant on exhaust mods since.
Thanks Leroy.

Leroy Peterson
03-10-2017, 03:48 PM
Fair enough, can't say for sure the gains of straight pipe, but the pulsar challenge racing guys run straight pipes to the rear of the car I believe... I think their rules are open modifications from the OEM headers-back.

Yeah I agree with you that the spirit of the event is just to make it to the end!