View Full Version : Q: Early N16 good or bad ?

03-06-2017, 02:09 AM
Hi guys,

Im in the process of looking for a new cheap run-about Pulsar, and had been looking at the N15s, but decided to extend the search at N16s too... Only problem, I read a lot about the (early) N16s having engine issues (blowing head gaskets, worn piston rings etc..). I don't mind doing my own work on cars, but would like to avoid known 'bad' engines/models if I can. Apparently early Pulsars were made in Europe, and considered not that great?

The N15 I also don't know much about, other than it's popular with P plates, especially the SR20 engine, though I can't find many that are unmodded and in my budget. Are the SSS the only model that comes with the SR20 2.0L engine ?

I was looking at getting a,

1.8-2.0L engine (looking to get something that's 'economical' on fuel, but has guts to accelerate and doesn't feel 'flat'?)
Maybe 99' > 2003' era (?)

I don't expect much, tbh, especially in my budget (<$3k), it's really only to get me A-B, but obviously, would prefer to avoid getting something that is known to be considered 'bad', if you know what I mean ?

Is there anything I should avoid or look for, when inspecting a pulsar ?

Suggestions ?

03-06-2017, 11:59 AM
there are quite a few n15 sss's around, modded and some unmodded, from about 2k up. overall a better buy than an early n16.