View Full Version : After 25 years . . . new wheel caps & oven cleaner on the alloys.

10-05-2017, 11:27 AM
Got four brand new centre wheel caps for a wheel update.

I could never replace the original seven spoke SSS alloys that came with the N14 SSS, because they are so great to look at and keeps the Red Jett original. Oz spec caps slightly different like in pic later.

I've been able to source 195/55/14 size tyres when required. Two in the shed as spares.
Currently running on:

However I now have a replacement set of the wheel cap centres.

Just fitted, and after an alloy wheel clean-up. They now shine like a new dime.

Great tip for cleaning your alloys for about $5

Did this and works a treat. Recommended:

Please: use gloves and eye protection. This is not your everyday kinda clean.
Cheers. :p