View Full Version : JN15 VZ-R Including N1 database / Registry

11-02-2017, 11:09 AM
I have been in contact with the owner of the GTR Registry website.

We have worked together sharing information and using Nissans' own FAST parts database software to accurately extract information and turn it into a database. Showing information on the JN15 VZ-R product line and also accurately counted and logged all N1 vehicles.

All JN15 vehicles :


JN15 VZ-R N1 only :


More information will be added over time including more Brochures and higher resolution scans of options including Nismo catalogues etc.

This information is hosted for us all at no cost. We hope for it to be an excellent resource to be maintained over time to help owners confirm their vehicle production history and the options and specifications that they contain.