View Full Version : SOLD 1992 N14 SSS Manual 150,000 kms - Sydney, NSW 2075

27-11-2016, 02:24 PM
For Sale/Wanted for_sale
Brief Description 1992 N14 SSS Manual 150,000 kms
Condition Runs great, Reliable, Roadworthy and Registered
City/Town Sydney
State NSW
Postcode 2075
Contact Details (02) 9449-1907 (after hrs) or DavidJLean at Hotmail.com (can't insert this as a proper link, pls replace the "at" with an At sign character)
Price $3,000 ono

Low Kms
Owned car since new.
Good condition considering age.
Regularly serviced by qualified mechanics.
No accidents. (except front and rear bumpers show signs that some shoppers can't park)

Mechanically sound :-

Clutch plates, brake pads and 4 tires all replaced within last 10,000 kms.
Speakers replaced.

Exterior :-

No Rust
Paintwork: Mostly good condition, with a few scratches from shopping trolleys.

Interior :-

Carpet protected by floor mats its whole life.
Almost never had passengers, rear seats might be as good as new.

Bad :-

Roof, Door trim need re-gluing.
Cassette player kinda useless, But has AUX port to play music from your device.

What I love :-

Best visibility of any car I've driven.
Brilliant ergonomics for the driver.
Objects in mirrors are exactly where they appear to be.

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