View Full Version : SR20VE N15 Conversion (Newbie Questions)

02-11-2016, 08:27 AM
Hi Everyone,

I know that alot of this has been covered, and I have done some trawling from around other SR20 forums and I just wanted to get it straight from the horses mouth to set me on the right track..

I am attempting this by myself, I have the tools and most of the know how to perform all the standard crap, and have replaced engines before, but never a conversion of this nature.

The engine currently in my project car is your run of the mill SR20DE, with 300k on the clock and a bit worse for wear, I was going to replace with the same but decided to challenge myself and go something that seems a bit more fun to drive (from what I hear)

I have lined up a nice low km engine, with harness, ECU and all the trimmings so sourcing the hard stuff seems already done in one nice little package.

Could someone help a guy out with just the following simple and I know straight forward questions, and I apologise for any newbie **** I come out with...

I've seen that you can use the DE transmission, making sure to use the DE bolts and flywheel right?

You need to have the SR20VE ECU to get the benefit from having the motor? (this comes with the engine I have sourced)

Beside the Dizzy cap wiring, mostly everything else is straight up? (comes with the wiring harness)

Do I need to keep the charcoal canister since the EGR system is gone I believe? (mainly for engine bay tidy up)

Are aftermarket extractors made for the DE ok to use (already have a set on the original engine) or are a set designed for the VE required?

The VE has its own versions of Water pumps etc, DE versions cant be used on the VE engine so the VE versions need to be used as replacements? (I could see from sss4me thread that they do, but just curious)

If there is anything that I have missed that I will need to complete the conversion or to prevent me from running into trouble, please educate me as such, thanks everyone I really appreciate the help.

Its a long road and I have alot of other work to do before the cars ready to go, but hope to share the journey when its all done.