View Full Version : N16 Hatch rear end/disc brakes in N16 Sedan?

24-09-2016, 11:48 AM
Hi Everyone.
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.... Is it possible to take the whole rear axle, dic brakes, trailing arms, master cylinder and handbrake cables out of an N16 hatch and bolt straight into a drum brake N16 sedan? I read the article on sourcing calipers and brackets etc from different nissans but thought this might be easier if it is possible.
Hope someone might have tried it and can set me straight before I go to the trouble of sourcing and paying for. Any helpful advice is greatly appreciated.


25-09-2016, 05:55 PM
It would be the easier way to do it, but not sure about the brake master cylinder side of things. Certainly in the N15 most people just do a complete beam swap.

25-09-2016, 09:25 PM
Thanks for the reply Cozzmo. By the lack of info, it doesn't seem to be a common thing that people here have done on the N16. I guess for $150 I'll get to find out.

29-09-2016, 09:10 AM
I believe rob did this in his n16 sedan years ago. He ended up doing a complete beam swap.