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25-08-2016, 01:53 PM
For Sale/Wanted for_sale
Brief Description 1994 N14 SSS S2
Condition Pretty poor condition
City/Town Adelaide
State SA
Postcode 5012
Contact Details PM
Price 1000neg
Hi guys,

I have a Nissan Pulsar N14 SSS that's unfortunately seen better days. It has around 255,000km on the clock. It's had a pretty hard life, but it's never really skipped a beat until very recently. Recently, it's had some issues with the alternator (voltage fluctuations under load, and until it warms up - seems to be voltage regulator?), a coolant leak behind/under the plenum, and even more recently a power-steering leak. The car also has dents/scrapes on most of the panels. I have a weekend car, and recently bought a new daily drive - so this one really just needs to go. I don't have the time/effort to fix it.


The good bits:
* 1994 N14 SSS JDM model
* Registration until 28 February 2017
* FM0 "Turquoise" paint-code
* SR20DE that's never really had any issues
* Dual front fog/high-beams
* Prothane engine mounts (front and rear)
* Genuine Nissan floor mats
* 'P' badge on front grill
* Mostly de-badged
* Convex side-mirrors
* Nissan mudflaps
* Sunroof (though it doesn't work consistently - may just need the slides greased)
* Clear side indicators (demon tweaks)
* Modified front indicators to remove the orange insert + Phillips silvervision globes
* Towbar (it's always been a great tow vehicle, for that odd occasion)
* 2.25" exhaust system/headers
* N15/GTiR front brake calipers / DBA front rotors
* Braided brake lines all around
* Whiteline front strut brace
* Lowered on Whiteline springs
* Koni rear shocks/inserts (fronts are stock)
* N15 SSS Rims + reasonable condition rubber (incl. full-size N15 SSS spare)
* Near-new condition leather steering wheel
* Uncracked dash surround
* Recently replaced radiator, thermostat, radiator hoses
* Lightly tinted
* Kenwood headunit, amplifier under passenger seat, 6.5" front speakers, 6x9 rear speakers
* Spare, uncut parcel shelf

I also have some servicing parts (o2 sensor, leads, rotor button, distributor cap) which I'm happy to throw in. I also have a spare alternator, which is in unknown condition.

The bad bits:
* There is a power-steering leak
* There is an issue with the alternator causing voltage fluctuations
* There is a coolant leak (small pipe behind the engine, under the plenum)
* The clear-coat is starting to fail - particularly on the roof
* CV boots have some splits, and may require replacement
* I believe there may be a leak in the flexi joint on the exhaust
* The power windows on a few of the windows have recently started to fail (drivers door is still okay)
* The car has been in a number of minor accidents over the years - there's some scraping up the rear quarter, denting to the rear drivers-side door, and some serious gouging in the front passenger door where a truck side-swiped the car and drove off (I replaced the passenger mirror due to this). There are various scrapes/etc all over the car.
* There is cracking on the dash that has been covered/hidden with a dashmat
* The drivers seat has developed an issue in that it feels like it's coming loose from the rail or something - I haven't bothered to look too hard. I've just lowered the back seat against it to prop it up.


With the power-steering reservoir and coolant bottle/radiator filled - the car is driveable - but really needs some attention urgently to replace the alternator (I have one sitting around, but I do not know what condition it is in) to resolve the voltage fluctuations - believed to be caused by a bad voltage regulator. With a full radiator/power-steering I was getting a few days between fills being driven to-from work. Those other two issues obviously need reasonably urgent attention to for this to be a daily-driver.

I'm being pretty blunt with this advertisement - the car needs some serious loving, and would suit someone who already has an N14 and is looking for a donor/parts car, or something to transplant their parts into.

At this point, I'm either looking to sell the car whole to someone who is happy to deal with the issues/use the parts I'm selling, or I'll start parting out the good bits, and selling off what's left to a wrecking yard.

I've now added some exterior pictures, and I'll add some interior pics later this evening, or tomorrow.

25-08-2016, 02:34 PM
Photos would help...

26-08-2016, 10:12 AM
Updated with exterior photos :)

04-09-2016, 02:13 PM
Some interior pics.

I've got a spare gearknob in almost perfect condition as well as that gearknob as well - I'm happy to throw in. As you can see, the steering wheel is almost perfect, and just needs a clean.

Then there's the brand new - still in packaging - service parts I've accumulated:

Engine mounts (both sides), leads, distributor cap, o2 sensor, rotor button.

I've also thrown in a spare alternator in there (in an unknown condition), and an uncut/spare parcel shelf.

I've also got matching FM0 Turquoise paint in a rattle can you're welcome to, if you want it.

There's at least $300 just in parts there - there's around $250-300 of rego still on the car (February 2017). It also had a brand new radiator, hoses, thermostat, etc fitted earlier this year by City Radiators. I honestly think the price I'm asking for isn't that unreasonable given the parts, modifications, rego, etc.

Surely someone wants this? It'd be a shame to cash in the rego and send it to a wrecker.

06-09-2016, 07:50 AM
and SOLD.