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19-08-2016, 03:58 AM
I'm unsure if this is the correct area to post but figured Mod could help me. Thanks.

Indicator self-cancel stopped working on Grandson's 2002 N16.
Replaced indicator stalk - no change
Long story short, the spring that holds the "cancelling tube" in place (green plastic tube around steering column) has broken. Tube doesn't turn with steering wheel.

Is anyone able to help identify all the parts needed (just the spring or should we get a replacement "tube" also?) and where to buy before stripping the steering wheel / column down? He can't afford to be without the car while we work out what's needed.

Even the official name of the parts would help us talk to Nissan about the parts needed. (they wanted quite a lot just to look at it. Grandson can't afford it).

Also a local wrecker has an N16 but the wiper and indicator are on opposite sides to this one. He's offered to let us take apart the other N16 and see if the part(s) will fit and operate. Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance

19-08-2016, 08:35 PM
G'day 1putt.

Is this the part you're after (the centre bit selected in RED) ?


If so, the nissan part number is : 25567-5L300- BODY-COMBINATION SWITCH

It is not comptible with the N16E part (which is the euro hatch with the reversed indicators) as far as i can see. It is a direct parts match for a lot of other vehicles though including A33, D22, D22A, Y61, R50.

eBay doesn't have any listed directly for that part number, but they're listed for ~$30 on www.amayama.com plus postage of course. Local nissan stealership will probably wnt double that if they can get them. Best to find another N16 that someone is wrecking and grab one from there in my opinion (sedan or non N16E hatch model).

20-08-2016, 10:08 AM
Cozzm0 you are a living legend. My Grandson and I sincerely thank you.

If I could stretch things, I note when replacing the airbag the Torx bolts need to be replaced.

Can you recommend anyone that can do the airbag/steering wheel removal and re-install?

PS Appreciate your comment on the Nissan stealers :)

20-08-2016, 11:23 AM
Thanks for the praise mate, as always i just like to help out with information where possible.

There are a lot of bolts that Nissan recommends are replaced when they are removed. I've reused a lot of those bolts, including the airbag bolts on my own car. They are lock tight in place and you can redo that easily. I don't see any reason to actually replace them personally.

I imagine any mechanic should be able to do the job really, but not too hard to DIY if you can get your hands on the torx bits and maybe a wheel puller if its stuck hard on the spline.

Precautions like disconnecting the battery ensure nothing bad happens during removal is a good idea. The airbag system has got some specific things that need to happen for a deployment so as long as you're careful and handle the parts with care and don't expose them to shock and take note of how wires are routed/sitting where the airbag connectors and clock spring connectors are you should be OK.

Leroy Peterson
20-08-2016, 06:09 PM
I re-used the torx bolts when removing my steering wheel. Theres plenty of thread on them, I dont see why you'd need to replace them (if the airbag goes off, the wheel has no where to go)