View Full Version : N16 - Randomly reving low and turning off

17-08-2016, 11:03 PM
Hi guys,

2000 N16 car keeps reving low randomly and turning off, originally replaced the O2 sensor(on mechanics recommendation) which seem to fix it a for a short period of time but it has now returned, just wondering what it might be so i can hopefully get her running perfectly again.

Also dash no longer working - the weird thing is i pulled the electronics fuse out and it started working again placed it back in and it continued working til i drove the care up the street at which point it turned off again.

and Mods i donated 10 dollars not sure if it has showed up on my account yet.

Once again thank you so very much for this has been a bit of a hassle.

If anyone is also near the sutherland shire area and would like to come have a look that would be great :D