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17-08-2016, 08:01 AM
For Sale/Wanted for_sale
Brief Description Pulsar N15 SSS
Condition Good
City/Town Melbourne
State VIC
Postcode 3121
Contact Details 0448349725
Price 4500
Details Pulsar N15 SSS 2000 model Series 2

• Whiteline lower control arm brace
• Customised adjustable Whiteline rear Swaybar (25%stiffer than off-shelf Whiteline)
• Adjustable Whiteline drop links and swaybar alignment collars
• Rear Trailing arm bushes replaced with SuperPro Urerthane (complex, expensive job)
• Castor increase with Whiteline control arm bushes
• Urethane bushes throughout
• Professional rear toe adjustment to zero by Centreline Suspension; jig designed and constructed by mechanical engineer (one of only two pulsars in Australia to have this critical handling modification)
• Customised front camber to allow greater castor and camber, with modifications to MacPherson Struts by Centreline Suspension
• Tein SuperStreet coilovers, adjustable damping and ride height
• Tein Pillow Ball top-mounts
• Customised Tein top-mount plates, by Centeline Suspension to allow finer camber adjustment
• Goodridge braided brake lines
• Xtreme Clutch
• Xtreme lightweight alloy flywheel; superfast revving
• TWM top of the line short shifter - best shifting pulsar around
• Nismo clutch-type LSD, running Motul 75/90 LSD Type 2, delivering insane grip in all conditions (these are rare and are no longer available from Nismo, with them all snapped up by rally/race drivers)
• Spacers for running semi slicks.
• 4 Spare SSS rims for track day rubber (some A050 rubber may be provided depending on time of sale).
• Standard, un-modified, SR20 run on Shell Ultra 5w40 for first 100k, and Mobil 1 5w40 since
• ECU with PowerChip ECU upgrade (+8kw), with standard ECU to be supplied on sale
• Custom 4,2,1 headers running to standard exhaust
• Bosch ignition leads
• NGK Iridium Plugs
• Nissan VZR (KDM OEM) rear strut tower brace, imported from Japan - rare, no longer available from Nissan
• New Clutch cable.
• DBA T3 track-day rotors up front; car stops hard
• 4 New Tyres Bridgestone Potenza RE003
• New Gearbox oil at 200,000K Motul FF-LSD2 $150 of oil.
• New Right CV Joint.
• Left CV Joint replaced within last 12 months.
• Brake Fluid RBF600
• New slim line plates.
• Harness mounting eyes
• Sturdy Fire Extinguisher mount.
• Bonnet latch
• N15 Workshop Manual (CD)
• Rego to 30th June 2017
• Car has done a Sub 2min’s at Phillip Island (I can dig up the on board upon request)
I’m the 3rd owner of this car. My brother bought the car off the original owner at 100,000K on clock and has been in the family since. Well looked after. Have receipts for a lot of the stuff.
• New Spare Xtreme clutch.
• Standard rotors/pads (For Road)
• 1 set front TDW pads (used for track days)
• 1 set front DBA T2 and Project Mu pads
• Spark plug leads, original diff, original shifter, original brake lines
• And anything else I find lying around.
Price $4,500 ono with RWC negotiable.
Ph: 0448 349 725
Interstate buyers: I'm happy to assist with transport which would be approx $400-$600 depending on location and I'm happy to credit cost of Victorian rego for interstate buyers which would be about $400 ATM (car would come unregistered though)


Leroy Peterson
17-08-2016, 08:53 AM
This car is the real deal. Glad to see its still around

How many kms?

17-08-2016, 01:41 PM
This car is the real deal. Glad to see its still around

How many kms?

Sorry, I forgot that vital part: Just over 200K.

17-08-2016, 06:51 PM
you are you "noslipsss" brother? does he still have the zero-toe jig?

18-08-2016, 07:44 AM
I am not the "noslipsss"...

Yes I do have the jig.

18-08-2016, 09:39 AM
Car looks ****ing amazing, going to try convince my mate to pick this up...

18-08-2016, 12:32 PM
I am not the "noslipsss"...

Yes I do have the jig.

given sale, what are your intentions for it?

18-08-2016, 07:38 PM
Re the Jig. I'm not sure yet. I'll either sell it or was thinking of hiring it to other people who may want to use. There is one samll part missing as I lent it to someone who did not return all parts. Easy enough to make I just need to do it.