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26-02-2016, 01:43 PM
Are n14 shafts the same as the NX, and if so how do they compare to the n15 shafts? Can they be interchanged?

27-02-2016, 02:15 PM
BaronVonKebabalot might know this one

Boosted VLAD
28-02-2016, 06:40 PM
N14 an and NX shafts are the same
N15 shafts are longer than N14 shafts,

BaronVonKebabalot and I have 100% confirmed this by comparing our shaft width and length side by side (if you know what I mean)
(Both oem shafts, not aftermarket)

The way to tell they are N15 vs N14 is because the N15 ones are thinner (I'm guessing Nissan keeping manufacturing cost down)

I do not recommend using them in the other models for the following reasons,

N14 cvs in an N15 will be too short and when the nut is tight it will pull the cv joint out and this will reduce the life of the joints

N15 shafts in an N14 will be completely pressed on very hard especially if the car is lowered and can also cause a grinding noise

Not saying it won't work, but they arnt the same and you will run into trouble at some point soon

28-02-2016, 07:59 PM
What's the rough difference in length?

Is there a difference in the bracket that bolts to the block?

Boosted VLAD
28-02-2016, 08:26 PM
We compared them standing upright and compressing them down but no tape measure was needed, there was a clear length difference
So I can't give you the exact difference but around 20-25mm ish

Yes N15 and N14 CV mounting brackets are different,
Always match the bracket to the shafts to the car!


If you have an N14 Pulsar and instal an N15 SR20 Motor
Use the N14 bracket and Cvs

If you have an N15 Pulsar and instal an N14 SR20 Motor
Use the N15 Brackets and Cvs

Hope that makes sense :)

29-02-2016, 07:31 PM
some of you may remember from the "old" forums that my car - formerly known as bo05tt

u12 engine - something happened where there is a custom shaft bracket made due some bolts snapping or something to that description and its using an n14 shaft bracket, however im also using an n14 box which still doesnt matter as its 32a (same as per both models)

so in short, i am forced to use an n14 drivers side shaft and just stick with the n15 passenger side.

my driveshaft guy said that he has never heard of n14 and n15 using the same shafts other than the 32v lsd there is one shaft that is identical to 32a