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18-02-2016, 05:11 PM
Hi everyone, i currently have a N15 SSS S2 with about 240,000km on it and a GTiR with 200awkw that i had started to part out. I am looking at installing the GTiR motor intop the SSS but seeing as the forum shut down and restarted we seem to have lost A LOT of the knowledge of the forums :(

GTiR specs:
balanced and blueprinted engine
knife edged crank
9.0:1 compression
720cc injectors
272/272 cams
Apexi adjustable fuel reg
Z32 AFM (not installed but plug has been spliced in)
3" turbo back exhaust (doubt it will fit N15)
whiteline bushes and braces front and rear (heard that the rear antiroll bar will fit N15 SSS)
FMIC (guessing i will need new piping, am i right?)
Power FC
Apexi AVCR

Anything else usable? Radiator & Piping? Suspension?

apart from the following:
- have the flywheel for the SSS machined and the holes expanded 1mm
- new HD clutch
- Cooler piping?
- Exhaust?

Is there anything else i will need?

Will also be looking into N16 hub/Skyline brake upgrade (R34 GTT Hopefully. will they fit under 17" rims?)
Quad tail light LED conversion
VZR Goodies (Grill, Bumpers, Side Skirts. i like the SSS Lights and indicators)

Is the wiring plug and play or close to it? ive only ever done straight swaps. but a few people (that have done conversions but on skylines and silvias, RB/SR/JZ etc) say it should only be 4-5 wires that need to be done. is this true?

Thanks in advance :)

18-02-2016, 06:32 PM
Radiator and cooler+piping *should* be useable(piping might need some tweaking). Exhaust not so sure; it might need lengthening/shortening in some places and the hangers might need relocating.

There's a couple of threads below on engine conversions:

18-02-2016, 07:15 PM
they are both for n14, or is there no difference? i was under the impression that the GTiR/N14 and SR20VE/N15 were easy but it was different/more work to do N14/SR20ve and GTiR/N15

Boosted VLAD
19-02-2016, 11:10 AM
Where to start, your questions are a bit over the place..... /:
But I'm happy to try to answer them

Doubt exhaust will fit but you can get a shop to chop it up and modify It instead of starting from scratch to save some money

Intercooler piping should actually work, just clear/ relocate anything in its path
(Note there is different styles and routes of piping so I don't know which exact one you have)

Usable parts:
Radiator YES
Front suspension YES
(Not sure what piping you're referring to there)

I've got R34 GTT brakes (and am also selling them)
They will usually need a 17" rim to fit HOWEVER, it's the width of the callipers that fouls on a lot of 17s though (so the poking outward part)

You will also have to cut a section out of the crossmember so it doesn't hit the upper sump,
You'll also need to do some engine loom wiring, (there's a couple of ways to go about it)

As for the tail light wiring:

19-02-2016, 01:31 PM
Tail light wiring is real easy, Ground, Parkers, Brakes, Indicator. Ground is common, you can use diodes in place to allow the brake lights and parkers to share the same LEDs to go from a dim to a bright state, or you can use a PWM controller to control the brigtness, it depends on how good you are with electronics and the 'look' that you're going for. I highly recommend having a changing element that is only on with the brake lights so that rather than the whole light just getting bright, there is an actual change in the area that is lit which brings more attention to the brakes being applied (personal feelings on that one).