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31-12-2015, 03:43 PM
Regarding the latest generation Pulsar SSS – the 1.6-liter turbo direct injection donk.

It’s the direct injection bit. It will cause carbon build-up on the inlet valves.

I know these engines, and they are improving them.

My partner has a Pug 207 GTI and I gave her intake valves a DIY clean at 75,000 clicks. Six hours! $1,000 at the dealership.
Started getting fault codes after six years. The Peugeot dealer pumped two cans of SA459 through it and left it overnight. But after a few months the fault came back, so I bloody-well cleaned the intake vales myself with SA459 directly sprayed into the intake ports, with valves closed. Let each port soak for 15 minutes X 4 times and with picks and brushes cleaned the crap carbon out. You will need an air-compressor to eject all the carbon crap back into a rag.

Since then at every oil change I pump a can of SA459 through it and then change the oil. May raise a fault code, but a cheap diagnostic tool will reset it. Got mine from China for $19.99

Absolutely recommended for DI turbo engines. Remember the same donk is in the Renault hotties as well.

Product: Upper Cylinder Cleaner


If anyone needs advise, reply.

Leroy Peterson
02-01-2016, 02:31 PM
yep, been an issue for just about all direct injection engines.

The M35 Stagea guys have some good info and tips on SAU for getting the gunk off. its not a fun job.