View Full Version : How do I remove rear parcel shelf for speaker change? '99 pulsar sedan

28-12-2015, 12:52 PM
Want/need to replace the crappy speakers in my sedan. 1999 pulsar. Damned if i can figure out how to get the speaker grills off. From some googling about other cars, (not specific to my model) the seat backs need to come out and then the entire shelf comes out? Is that how it works? Thanks.

28-12-2015, 03:48 PM
Other than that I have no advice sorry mate

28-12-2015, 04:41 PM
Ha Ha. Thanks. Had a hatch, got written off, bought this sedan.

28-12-2015, 05:40 PM
Update. I've managed to get the shelf out. Am taking some pics as I go, and will post it all up when I'm done. Running out of daylight for today though.

28-12-2015, 07:00 PM
No wonder the old speakers sounded like crap at anything above slight volume. Yes, that's daylight you can see through them.

28-12-2015, 08:25 PM
Okay. For anyone interested, here's a rough rundown of how I did it all. Probably all wrong, but whatever works.
1. From inside boot, use pliers to squeeze the little blue plastic lugs. There should be 6 of them.
From back inside the car, you also need to unbolt the child restraint point, and the 2 plastic flat washer looking things. Use a coin or washer to undo them. They unscrew.
Fold down the back seats and gently lift the shelf from the middle. It'll end up being bent like a banana to get the sides/ends of the shelf to come away from the edges. Also lift it upwards first at the same time so those plastic lugs you squeezed from inside the boot come loose. Once you get the shelf out, you can see where the speaker grills are screwed on from under the shelf. (I'd already unscrewed them when I remembered to take a pic.
Unplug the stupidly short speaker connectors from inside the boot. Could have done this anytime, but I forgot to mention it. Speakers are held in place with 4 philips head bolts. Couldn't undo mine with a stubby screwdriver so used a 5/16 spanner which was the nearest fitting tool to me.
Cut off the speaker connection and connect a longer pair of speaker wires. Proper job would be to solder them, but I just twisted and heatshrinked mine.
Connect new 6" speakers, screw/bolt back in, and have fun trying to put shelf back in. I got it all back but crushed one of the blue plastic lugs. Don't care.
There is quite a gap between the steel shelf and where/how the parcel shelf sits, around the speaker area.
I would have been happy to put 6" speakers back, but had 6x9's from my old car, so bodged up some speaker boxes from spare wood and just used sticky velcro to keep them in place.
Hope this helps someone else out who, like me, had no idea when I started doing it. It's a rough guide, but I couldn't find one elsewhere.