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27-12-2015, 01:38 AM
Hey guys, ive been wondering what would be easier, finding a gtir motor and doing a swap, or getting the original motor turboed.

Just wondering how well the stock motor would hold up with say 10psi?

Is it cheaper and easier to go down this route?


Boosted VLAD
27-12-2015, 10:41 AM
Hey OZY-20, I have personally done many engine conversions and +T conversions,
A Gti-r or bluebird conversion is the best way to go about it,
If you compare the 2 processes, they take the same amount of labour (trusts me), cost the same amount of money (if not sometimes the +T works out more expensive by the time it's tuned and finished), and with a De+T you also end up with an inferior setup,

If you want a labour and parts list for either just let me know,

Boosted VLAD
27-12-2015, 10:45 AM
And as for a De holding 10 pounds, if it's a healthy motor it can definitely hold it just fine, that's about what you want to run if you do go down that road but I wouldn't go turning it up much more than that

27-12-2015, 05:14 PM
Id agree mate. Your best off with a gtir motor. The De+t might be fine, but with these motors getting older I would worry about adding a turbo if the condition of the engine is unknown to a certain extent aswell.

28-12-2015, 03:42 PM
Pah, +T that bitch and do skids!
Drill and tap block, get a few fittings for water and oil lines, gtir exhaust mani and turbo of choice plus ecu of choice (nistune is like $350-400) and s15 440cc or bigger injectors and you're away! 10psi is nothing. Will lap it up. But then you'll get bored, so you'll turn it up to 15psi and that will still be fine :) would recommend big ass injectors and e85 if it's local.

Boosted VLAD
29-12-2015, 08:41 AM
Mr Kebabalot,

You have a VE+T, which I'm all for doing, I love the vvl motors,
The main reasons being that you have piston oil squirters, the VE head can take a lot of revving and abuse because of its design and the combustion chamber is more detonation resistant, (+you run E85 anyways)

If Ozy-20 is starting with a DE and doing a +T

He would have to remove both the upper and lower oil pans and drill the upper pan for a return, then clean everything up and re goo and reassemble, it's an absolute pain in the ass and messy as ****,
Then run an oil feed line, hook up coolant lines,
He has to buy the lines, a manifold, turbo, injectors, ECU and get a tune,
All this cost a lot of money especially the last 2,
If he bought a completed bluebird or Gti-r setup, he would get ALL of that with it already!
He can also sell his De motor and make a few hundred $ back to go towards the swap! (Winning)

So the verdict is that with an engine conversion you end up with

A perfectly matched setup from factory, with the right tune, with stronger internals and more headroom for extra power down the road, it takes the same amount of labour and it costs you less, no tuning, no matching/ sourcing parts, you just swap it in and go (:

With a De+T
You have no piston oil squirters, weaker rods, (not that it won't hold boost) less headroom in the future, less reliability and it cost you more and chances are your de will have higher ks than an imported factory DET engine and lots of fiddling around to make it work

When it's cheaper and better to do the engine swap, you'd be mad if you did the +T unless it's on a VVL motor

Sorry Barron :p