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20-10-2015, 12:09 AM
So with my brother we have gone in and picked up a 93 N14 SSS

Nice! Mine is a 92 AUS spec and has tar sprayed inside the door and hatch panels (Oz version of corrosion inhibitor) - total mess


So let's fix that problem - typically we get 20~21 cars on the grid and everybody has a blast


Here's my highlight's video from the August event at Wakefield
Lots of rear brake lock ups!


The good news is it's not at all hard to build a Pulsar Challenge car
The only tips that may be new to people not familiar with race car preparation:
1) Use dry ice to freeze the sound deadening on the floor, move the dry ice to another area, hit the sound deadening with a steel hammer, it shatters, see photo below, it's the cleanest and fastest method taking only ~20 minutes (exercise extreme care with dry ice as it is dangerous stuff to have an accident with)
2) Need a dual electrical cut out switch, one side goes between the battery + and the starter, the other side is used to cut the fuel or ignition
3) You need a ceramic button clutch (see photo) because the stock and heavy duty clutch will slip after 10 laps due to heat but make sure you have springs in the center (if it's solid you will chip gearbox teeth!)
4) For the N14 - Don't use the YellowSpeed sway bar attachment on the rear shocks - it can swing around an take out the tyre
5) For the N14 - get the ADF22 front calipers and the master cylinder from a N15 SSS
6) Probably a good idea to replace the engine mounts with solid poly (from CoastModz)

Note: You should expect HANS devices to be mandatory from 2016 (or 2017)
So if you're buying a new harness and helmet get the HANS gear
Check out this video which clearly shows how effective HANS can be




03-11-2015, 08:14 PM
nice clutch mate don't tell everyone about it lol

03-11-2015, 10:35 PM
Dunno - PGA on Facebook reckon crap and will fail at any moment - I'm really worried about it ;-)

09-08-2016, 03:33 PM
Time to start preparing the car for next year:

The engine is very tired, ~10 psi different between the best and worst cylinder, so I expect to replace the rings, will do the crank bearings at the same time
Want to install a remote oil filter mount to make oil changes much eaisier
There is a lot of oil around the right rear of the engine - I presume the power steering pump is loosing oil
There is some wiring that needs to be tidied up
The steering wheel is not straight - annoys me
Have to remove the steering column lock (circuit racing regulation)
Left rear wheel is toed out 4mm - that's a big problem
Remove the central locking to save a bit more weight
Need to replace the rear window - can't see through it (scratched to hell removing the tint)
Thinking about paint or wrap to clean up the car presentation (not keen to spend much money on this)