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17-10-2015, 07:01 PM
Hi all just wondering if any1 has successfully gotten contacts to go from their iphone to the C12 Pulsar stereo, not the GPS Stereo, the basic one in the ST-S.
I have managed to pair the IPhone, but can't seem to send any contacts to the stereo, with my Android phone, it was just a matter of send contact via Bluetooth but can't do that with the iphone.

Any help would be appreciated


18-10-2015, 10:12 AM
iPhones use a different (and hell'a more expensive) bluetooth setup than samsung, nokia, htc etc. So the issue might be arising from that.

Here's a write up with some comments that talk about issues pairing their iphones with various nissans and how to fix them.


Hope this helps.



05-11-2015, 03:01 AM
i m facing same prob

06-11-2015, 09:37 PM
Did it get sorted???

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07-11-2015, 12:09 AM
nope :(

13-12-2015, 07:43 AM
I tried to setup my sister's iPhone in her c12. Pairing was easy but to send the contacts across required a third party app. I gave up after I found that out. In my c12 with a Samsung it's nice and easy, although sometimes contacts fail to send across and it takes a few attempts. Personally I think nissan's system for contacts is pretty ****. On aftermarket stereos it just automatically picks up the phone's phone book, but you don't have any voice names. Having the voice names is good, but it's a pain that it has to actually recognise what you've said, so I have names recorded that make me sound like I've got brain damage. But it only uses the voice names to say the contract as you select it. You can't voice dial, so what's the point of having to recognise what you've said? Just record whatever sound the person wants for the contract, confirm the person can understand what they've said and leave it at that

26-04-2016, 02:16 PM
I feel you with this kind of problem man, experienced it last week but fixed the issue. You can see and follow the support guide here: http://www.cydiageeks.com/recboot-enter-exit-recovery-mode-iphone.html

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