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07-07-2021, 02:27 PM
Oh me, oh my . . .

Changed the oil and filter on the Red Jett last week. Drove it for 20 minutes, all was well.

Yesterday, I went along Beechmont Road (GC Hinterland), and thought I'd do a 7,500 rpm in first gear. I do this every month or so.
Spun to 7,500 no issues, but I heard a thump sound from the engine bay and the oil warning light came on.

Lowered revs and had to drive for about one kilometre until I found a safe place to pull over.

Opened the bonnet and there was oil everywhere on the right hand side. New oil, honey gold, so not black crap discolouration.

Check dip stick. No reading!

I sat inside the Red Jett contemplating my fate and hoping I hadn't blown it’s engine.
Then considered phoning RACQ for a tow home. Had one last look under the bonnet, and whet down to feel the oil filter.
It was so loose it wobbled in my hand.

Hitched a ride back to my home, about 15 kilometres away. Went to my shed and got new oil, new oil filter (K&N), removal tools, funnels, rags etc.
Hitched a ride back to where the Redd Jett patiently waited.

As I took the old filter off, I noticed that the o-ring (which is imbedded in the filter end) was missing. Looked into the oil filter housing and saw it still sticking to the housing. I removed it.
Lubed up the o-ring and installed the new K&N filter. Added oil and drove home. Engine on song.

However, this morning when I went to clean the engine bay of oil, I noticed under the Red Jett a pool of oil. Checked the dip stick and one litre was missing.
Then, I removed the K&N filter and checked out the filter housing. I noticed that there is a spiral ring core in the middle of the filer, but it was bent sideways.
Or maybe I didn't tighten it enough. Being stressed out and all.

So, I got my last K&N filer out and installed it. Screwed it on slowly and near the end the filter would wind back a bit after each small turn. Strange. Bugger of a place to put an oil filter.
Removed the 2nd K&N filter and noticed that the spiral wire core was also bent sideways, not like when new. To I straightened the core and slowly and gently reinserted the filter. Went fine, and then I heard a very small clink noise, so assumed to housing probe was catching the spiral core. Then unscrewed a little and rattled the filter with each tightening turn. No wind back what so ever. Tightened the filter well. Added one litre of Castrol Edge 5W30 and went for a spin after cleaning the oil from the engine bay. Used a mild degreaser.

Upon returning I noticed oil smoke coming from the rear of the engine at right and side, and a few drops underneath the engine.
Could it be the residual splashed oil smoking and dripping a few drops?
Then I saturated the whole back of the engine and side, including oil pan with heavy duty degreaser. One whole can.
High pressure sprayed the degreaser off.
Started the engine and took the Red Jett for a 15-minute spin. Came back, noticed no drops under the engine, but still smoke from the rear of the engine bay, though not as much.

Took the Red Jett for another spin, took it to 7,000 in 2nd gear. When retuning there were no drips and no smoke coming from the engine bay. Oil dip stick read true.

Phew what a saga.

The oil filter that failed was a cheapie that I picked up a few years ago. But then again I might not have tightened it well, and what's this bent filter coil business on the K&N's? Never again. Genuine Nissan as always.


07-07-2021, 07:40 PM
Sounds like you dodged a bullet! - No stress Re; oil smoke/smell, that'll sort itself out with usage - Yep, and as you said, can't go wrong with OEM.

07-07-2021, 07:45 PM
OK, after more research. The coil as mentioned in first post, is the oil filter relief valve.
If you catch the top of it when screwing in new filter, you would compress the spring valve and cause restriction.
I've seen pics of SR20 housings with a long or short male outlet probe/pipe. two types.

So, I’m, buying these, as Nissan genuine is too expensive and hard to get now.


Red Jett’s engine and engine bay is now spotless, after two hours work. Over and out.

07-07-2021, 08:00 PM
A filter cannot suit N14 and N15 sr20. One is imperial thread and the other is metric so be very very careful. Is a blow engine worth saving 10 bucks on a filter. I donít think so.

08-07-2021, 12:05 PM
A filter cannot suit N14 and N15 sr20. One is imperial thread and the other is metric so be very very careful. Is a blow engine worth saving 10 bucks on a filter. I don’t think so.

Hey Cozzm0, nice to hear from you.

I suppose with Facebook and all, the olde site doesn't get that much traffic anymore. But I'm stiil on.

Since owning the Red Jett from 1992 I have changed the oil (by my records) 71 times. (with a new sump washer each time and onto the 2nd sump plug) And this is the first time I had this problem.

Yes I'll take your advice, however the K&N filters have that nut on the top which makes it sooo much easier to change.

Just purchased two of these:


The superseded part was 53J00.

and I purchased these also:


So the Red Jett has filters now for the next three/fours years.
I change oil annually now, as the Jett does about 1,200 kms per annum.



Still cleaning the engine bay as some oil is still residual, mainly at the rear of the engine.

Isn't it looking showroom condition.


11-07-2021, 10:04 AM
More on SR20DE oil filters.

Recall above I mentioned a wire coil in the middle of the filter, that gets caught on the long oil filter housing pipe? Causing a restriction and pressure build up.

This is a Ryco SR20DE oil filter and you can see the wire coil.


I have now received the genuine NISSAN oil filers and the K&N with the nut on top. See previous thread.

And guess what?

Neither have the wire coil. Go figure.

However, I am aware that some SR20DE engines have a shorter oil filter housing pipe. Well not mine.

So, oil ain't oils, it seems.

Got it now.

Hope this helps someone.