View Full Version : For Sale 1999 N15 SSS S2 Maroon 350,000 + km - Brisbane, QLD 4151

23-02-2020, 04:44 PM
For Sale/Wanted for_sale
Brief Description 1999 N15 SSS S2 Maroon 350,000 + km
Condition Needs work/for parts
City/Town Brisbane
State QLD
Postcode 4151
Contact Details darrentmilton@gmail.com
Price $650 ono
Details Pretty rough.

It is what it is, itís not pretty. Doesnít have a lot going for it comfort or looks wise.

Was driving fine as an everyday until 20 weeks ago when my son came. Used it for uni./work. Still drives, battery needs a charge and tyres need some air.

Had it for about 2 years, never missed a beat for me mechanically. Used it to get back on our feet when we came back from on overseas trip. I continued to use it until we needed to upgrade for a baby seat.

Was going to make it a project/track car but we got a camper trailer and now I need the room in the garage.

I had it regularly serviced while I owned it, donít know much of the history before that.

Would probably best suit parts or a project/donor car.

Selling as is, no rwc or rego.

Still pulls hard enough, little rough on idle but still great for the kms that are on the engine.

Puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I wouldnít sell it if I didnít need the room.

Small box of spares with it that I picked up while Iíve owned it.

Any questions fire them on.

Cheers, Darren.