View Full Version : Windscreen Wipers

15-09-2019, 11:46 AM
Does anyone have a problem with their windscreen wipers? Mine would not work on the intermittent setting and if you switch the wipers off mid wipe they would stay there for a second or two and then return to the park position. I checked the circuit over and over and could not find a fault so I did some research on the internet - seems that Nissan Pulsars have an inherent fault with what is called the "Wiper Amplifier", this is the electronic relay that sits to the left of the glove box compartment. The problem is dry solder joints, if you have this same problem with your wipers here's what to do to fix it.
Remove the wiper amplifier from the car, remove the circuit board from the black box (easy to do), then grab your soldering iron (make sure it's hot) and go over each solder on the circuit board (be careful not to let the individual solder joints to connect with other joints) reinstall everything and try your wipers again. This solved my problem and the fault has not returned.