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10-10-2015, 04:02 AM
So like... I have an N13 and it always breaks down
So on Wednesday it broke again down at Shailer Park.. and I called a tow truck, and then on the highway on the way past the wreckers the wind blew. And it blew my car into the wreckers yard into a pile of N13s
Now I don't know which car is mine

Anyway I'm really upset what do I do

10-10-2015, 04:10 AM
Do you bat a lot?

10-10-2015, 04:33 AM
Do you bat a lot?

just the normal amount.. 8 or 9 times a day I guess. the doctor siad id have less rash if i just keep my hand outta there. but like.. sif.

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10-10-2015, 04:55 AM
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