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Thread: Where have all the tyres gone...

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    Where have all the tyres gone...

    Opps… Wrong theme song…

    I am proud to say that I am the proud owner of a 1992 Pulsar N14 SSS Oz spec, and have owned it from brand new.
    It was manufactured on Jan 22nd 1992, and after doing research with Nissan Oz, found out it was in the first batch of N14 SSS’s manufactured in Oz. Was shipped immediately to a large Perth dealership. I was driving past and saw it being unloaded from the truck.

    I went straight inside and said I wanted to be the first to test-drive it. They told me to return the next morning for a spin.

    It was love at first sight, touch and feel.
    After the drive I said I wanted it. They said no, at first, as it was meant to be a demonstrator.
    So I said no sale ever to me then. I’ll get one from another dealer later on.
    Now, it was Barbagallo Motors (renown for throwing a few curved balls in the industry).
    After 30 minutes of waiting the Head Honcho said that I could have it if I bought it NOW!
    So, gulp, I purchased it. Packed with all the goodies – NISS, ABS.

    I would now have to be the very last original one-owner of a N14 SSS Oz spec.

    So, I digress:

    I have kept this babe stock on the outside, (only done 134,000 now) so therefore wanted to keep those great looking original seven-spoke 14” wheels. But to keep the original size rubber on the rims has become more and more difficult. And I live in the Gold Coast Hinterland with those great twisty roads.

    You cannot buy a tyre in Oz with size: 195/55/14 from anyone. Go try.
    Not many manufactures make this size any more, but TOYO does. Does TOYO sell this size in Oz? Freakin’ NO!

    But our ANZAC mates across the Tasman do. TOYO NZ sells them!
    Crickey and why?

    Anyhow, all is well. The Red Jett sits on a brand new set of TOYO Proxes T1R 195/55/14 tyres, with two more in airtight bags in the shed. I got a feeling that might do her to the end. Still does 0 - 100 in 6.9 secs.

    Got my tyres from these dudes:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SSS shots 006aa.jpg 
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ID:	1309Click image for larger version. 

Name:	N14SSSOz Spec.jpg 
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ID:	1310Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SSS 007b.jpg 
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ID:	1311Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SSS 002b.jpg 
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    NISSAN Pulsar N14 SSS Oz spec - the SSS cult classic. Owned mine since 1992.

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    The t1r is a good performance tyre and shouldnt age too badly. Neat clean machine !

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