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25-06-2016, 02:57 PM
List of my drives, since age 17…

1. Holden EH Premier
2. Holden EK
3. Holden HR 186
4. Holden HR 186S Premier – four on the floor.
5. Toyota Celica
6. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0
7. Datsun 200B
8. Mitsubishi Sigma
9. Commodore
10. Subaru
11. Ford Laser
12. Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0
13. Commodore
14. Toyota Camry
15. Nissan Bluebird (new version)
16. Astra
17. Nissan Pulsar N14 SSS – from new and still have ‘er.
18. Peugeot 207cc Sport
19. Nissan Maxima 250-STL


25-06-2016, 04:24 PM
1, 1976 BMW 520 (wish i kept it)
2, N15 SSS (still own)
3, Hyundai Excel X3
4, N14 Ti 2.0L
5. JN15 N1 VerII
6. Honda VFR750 (still own)

Short list.

25-06-2016, 04:28 PM
2 too many commodores in that list LOL

Other than a couple of n14's and my current R, Ive owned TD gemini wagon, ke55 corolla, E36 318is and now my daily driver is an I30.

The ke55 looked like the biggest piece of ****, it was a dirty mustard colour but for some reason its the best car ive ever owned.

25-06-2016, 07:15 PM
Geez, will my memory work here?
1966 Cortina
Panel van. Possibly has or ht
Several xa/xb sedans.
XY Falcon.
Datsun 200b
Mitsibushi L300 people mover.
VS commodore.
1989 pulsar hatch
EF falcon.
1995 pulsar hatch
1999 pulsar sedan.

Some old kawasaki 175cc road/trail
Yamaha 250LC
Katana 650
Katana 750
1986 gsxr 1100

Leroy Peterson
25-06-2016, 10:31 PM
N13 hatch viscous with vector alloys
N15 SSS S2
N15 SSS S2 turbo (still own)
Y34 Gloria gran turismo (still own)

27-06-2016, 10:49 PM
Mine is quite a lopsided list, especially if you only consider the cars I actually used, as opposed to the ones I've bought

1. 1986 Ford Meteor - auto, slow as hell, but it was a one owner car with 76,000 on the clock when I bought it in 2009. Still have many regrets about selling this one (see below)
(1995 Suzuki Swift GTi - absolute ****box, taught me a lot about trusting people I know and not inspecting cars in the dark...)
2. 2000 N15 SLX - where the Pulsar journey began. Was bought as it was the best thing we could find with the budget I had, managed to stumble across this joint when I bought it, contributing a hell of a lot to the below list
3. 1998 N15 SSS - picked it up from a guy down in Melbourne in 2012, in great condition with low mileage and a faint smattering of hail damage. Met it's end courtesy of an inattentive Barina driver, leading to an extended stay on death row and many of the bits and pieces living on in the following effort
4. 1998 N15 SLX - bought as a new home for all the goodies from the SSS, plus some that I never got around to fitting. Was SR with a bunch of suspension gear and 5 stud/big brakes until some numbnut in a semi decided to change lanes into the side of me in heavy traffic
(1997 N15 LX - acquired as a parts source for number 4; stripped of everything that was of use to me and is now being prepared as an APRA car)
5. 2005 Renault Clio Sport 182 Cup - absolutely brilliant car, amazingly capable as a hot hatch and amazing frustrating as a daily drive prospect. Stupidly heavy clutch and steering but the way you can throw it around is something else...
6. 1998 N15 SLX - new project that has been recently acquired. Currently running a GA with an auto, is due to get a 20VE in the near future, along with a few bits and bobs to aid in the handling department as well. Should be a good little daily + occasional track hack to cart myself and my fiance around in (third time's the charm, right?)
(1998 N15 SSS - one owner car bought for peanuts because the body is pretty well shagged. Converted to 20VE about 6 years ago, now to become a donor for the sedan and possibly receiving the GA/auto combo as an easier way to get rid of it all)

Anybody else noticing a pattern here? :p

29-06-2016, 12:57 PM
I have driven a Renault Sport Clio 182 Cup also. Hot to trott...

29-06-2016, 11:06 PM
1987 ford telstar
1997 pulsar (current)
1997 pulsar
2010 lancer
2014 mazda 2
2007 impreza rs (current)
2016 mazda cx3 (wife current)

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