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  1. Ac regass
  2. What oil to use ?
  3. spark plugs covered in oil.
  4. Where do I find the fuse for parker lights/ dash lights?
  5. Which workshop manual? Gregorys or Haynes?
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  8. Polish or wax to help remove/stop bird poo.
  9. Dash fan only works on full setting.
  10. Spark Plugs
  11. Bonnet Protector Bolts
  12. Removing Rear Garnish
  13. Just got my hands on an LX N16...
  14. NISS - N14 security system.
  15. Dumb newbie oil filter question
  16. Went to check cabin air filter and ....
  17. N14 hatch locking latch - rattle, rattle, rattle.
  18. Lubeup.com.au
  19. Aircon compressor not engaing
  20. Rear passenger quarter window
  21. N16 - Randomly reving low and turning off
  22. N15 Hatch Trolley Jack / Jack Stand Points
  23. N16 pulsar Q
  24. Aircon/fan control unit removal
  25. OBD2 connector. Which model started getting them?
  26. Battery charging. Remove from car?
  27. After 25 years . . . new wheel caps & oven cleaner on the alloys.
  28. ECU Talk Firmware update allows BASE IDLE / TIMING SET !
  29. Strange whining noise above 4k rpm N15 SSS
  30. Q: Early N16 good or bad ?
  31. Manual for N15
  32. Accelerator lag and oil pan gasket
  33. Are there any traps to be aware of
  34. N15 SSS Air filter OEM part number
  35. Run on after acceleration
  36. What to use for power steering fluid?